Saturday, March 20, 2010

May 20

May 20, 4:00 is when my new calorie 7 day thing started AGAIN. I have to gain control of this.
I haven't eaten anything since 4:00p.m. so it's been 7.5 hours.
I feel okay.
Not GREAT, but okay because I know this is a start.
I could have just came home and binged on EVERYTHING because we have so much shit right now...but I didn't.
Tomorrow morning my mom wants to go eat breakfast and I'll only get an omlette with veggies and water water water. Then nothing all day. I probably wont be able to calculate the calories in my breakfast so that's why I wont eat the rest of the day.
Allowances: Coffee, lettuce, grapes, waatteerrr

Side note:
School starts back Monday.
I need to get control of things.

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