Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2

I am going to eat a whole banana split by myself in 30 minutes.
I have already planned this in my head.
It is going to happen...
and once it is over
I am never eating ever again.


  1. Honey, you need to eat in order to live. Is it really worth being thin if you can't function or do the things you want to do in life? Try to find a middle ground. I've found that sticking to a under 1000 calories a day intake works for me - I have energy, fulfill my nutritional needs, and I've stayed underweight. Not eating isn't the answer, eating less is. xoxo

  2. a banana split sounds lovely right now. stay strong

  3. Did you eat it really slowly and savor every bite?
    Or were you just hating it the whole way through?