Sunday, October 17, 2010

October 17

Still no letter...oy vey! I just want to be able to pick my classes for next semester already and I want to have the satisfaction of getting all my stuff together for moving in and I want to know how my roommate would be but most of all I just want to know if I got accepted or not. I worked so fucking hard, so hard. Every single day, the only thought going through my head was how to NOT screw things up so this university would have no option but to accept me. I just hope that it worked. What bugs me is that it's Sunday and the letter could be sitting in some post office or in the back of a mail car waiting to be delivered. I wish I was a mail man right now.

I haven't eaten in two days or something. I've been too focused on work and trying to get everything done like the perfect student I am trying to be. Not eating so I can be the perfect woman. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

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