Wednesday, October 20, 2010

October 20

Still no letter. This is getting ridiculous. Everyone is already signing up for classes for next term and I'm still sitting here, waiting, for this little letter that determines so much.

I'm down five pounds or so. I never eat anymore. The hunger pains use to be so much that I had to lay down on my stomach to keep from crying, but now the pains from actual life are taking over the stomach pains.

Question: What is the longest you have ever fully fasted?

I'm thinking of doing a fast and I want to hear some feedback first.

Besides me waiting though, University has been going okay. It's really just a bunch of reading and studying and making sure you're always on time. Those are things I am good at. I like knowing where I have to be, what I have to be doing and when I need it to be done by. It keeps me on track.

Anyway, I hope you ladies are doing alright. Let me know how October is treating you.

1 comment:

  1. I hope your letter comes soon, its obvious how much it means to you!
    And very well done on losing 5 pounds :)

    In answer to your question, the longest I've ever fasted for is 4 days, just on green tea and water. Not very impressive I know :/ Going to try and beat my record soon :)