Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14

215.0 pounds today.
Yeah yeah yeah, so I did great restricting all day until the dinner with my parents tonight like I said I would have. I don't know.
I ate a lot of salad at Olive Garden, but then I started eating the bread-sticks and I just couldn't stop eating them until I had scarfed down 5 of them. Yeah I feel like shit but, whatever. I knew it would happen because my control isn't up to what it should be but tomorrow is tomorrow and like the japanese proverb says:
"Fall down seven times, stand up eight."
I won't let today bring me down.
Yes I am up 2.8 pounds or so, but I can get everything fixed and ready to go tomorrow.

I am not going to give up anymore. I'm tired of giving in to my failures I am going to keep pressing on because that's all anyone can do. Hope is what gets you there and right now I have a lot of that in myself.

Anyways, as usual Valentines day sucked.
I did homework most of the day at the library up until the dreaded 2.8 pound gain dinner I had with the parents and now it's snowing and it wont let up.
I'm off of school tomorrow so I kind of wish the snow would have waited until school is actually in session because I'm just lazy and could use another extra day for my english paper that I will probably never do this semester anyways.

Things will be better tomorrow.
Tonight I will sleep and tomorrow I will wake up and starve.
I must starve.
I must not go over 800 calories.
I must not eat.

Think thin.

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