Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18

212.8 today.
And...I ate.
Not a lot, but enough to be full and I just feel like I should be weighing a whole lot more right now.
The reason I ate was because at around 12:00 I weighed 211.4 and I just knew that if I didn't eat something that my weight would just escalate if I ended up binging in the coming days. It scares the shit out of me whenever I lose 3 pounds in a day because I know it'll be so easy to gain it back so I just eat whenever I lose like that. Does that make sense?

Anyways, I didn't go to school today because I'm "contagious" and I have an ear infection and a sore throat. But I HAVE to go to school tomorrow because I can't miss my english class or my physics class.

I don't know what else to say tonight.
I'm tired and my bones still hurt and I'm a little bit hungry but I wont eat anything I'll just go fill up on some water and maybe drink some orange juice to help me get better.

Let me know how you ladies are doing.
P.S. I hope to get to 209 soon. I'll be so happy.

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