Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24

Still haven't weighed myself.
I ate a burger today and two helpings of fries.
That's about all I can handle anymore.
I don't know why I'm letting myself sink.
I have to pull back up before I can't breath.
I need to stop eating over 800 calories a day.
I need to stop eating.
Don't eat.
Don't eat.
Don't eat.
Don't eat.
Don't eat.
Don't eat.
There's this anorexic girl in my english class...she's so tiny and I can always see her collar bones and I can always hear her knees knock together.
She is perfect.
I have perfection underneath all this 200 pounds of fat.
I have control.
I must find control.
I'm drowing ana.
Tomorrow is day 1 all over...

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