Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1

Going vegan sounds like a really really really intriguing idea. Anyone know where I can find all of the starting information for this? I'm really interested and I feel like it'd be good for my health.

Anyway, happy September 1st and may the month bring you sweaters, coffee and love. At least that's what I am hoping for. The good things about today was that Starbucks is now making the Pumpkin Spice Latte again! Which is my favorite drink on this planet beside straight up espresso. Mmmm. It's like christmas in a cup and I love it. I had my first cup during my morning break at my college while I sat and did some homework reviewing and junk.

As far as eats go I am planning a day full of new breakfast eats tomorrow and all week long so I'll have some neat new things to show you guys. Sorry for being so lame lately but all this college work and the mix of no sleep/waking up late/not eating is getting tedious. I do miss blogging about my eats though.

What about you girls? How's it going? Hittin' up the gym or new boyfriend or new foodies lately? New tips? New Movies? New socks? haha, give me something! Stay strong.

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  1. Hey, we've said farewell to winter here and its springtime now:) Although the pumpkin spice latte sounds great... I contemplated going vegetarian as I just didn't like the taste of meat - I have it occasionally but I still eat eggs and dairy (in moderation). should have lots of info about going vegan. Not much going on here - I did clean out and organise my closet into 'clothes that fit' and 'clothes that will hopefully fit soon'. It seems to be motivating me:)