Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25

First day in classes went surprisingly well. I didn't give up and I didn't hyperventilate. Did I have anxiety? Yes yes yes; but the thoughts of where I wanted to be in a few short months made me hold my head up and stick it out. Now I know that I can handle all the work. I feel so much better.

As far as restricting goes, I kind of made myself binge today. I was so upset that the scale didn't go down not even .1 of a pound that I gave up and decided to eat because I figured my metabolism needed a boost so, there's that. Back to square one tomorrow. No solids.

Tomorrow I have no classes so I'm going to sleep in a bit, wake up, study, do some laundry and make go look at some new bed spreads. Mine are all getting old. What about you girls? Any plans for tomorrow? How's everything going weight wise? I know we all have our good and bad days. Let me hear it.

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  1. The eating was probably a good idea.
    Weight wise I'm doing awful. I've decided it's time to crack Down, and stop hiding.
    Tomorrow I am going camping with a bunch of friends, so it should be good :) I hope you're okay.