Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4

Eat for today: Some mixed berries, a bowl of greek yogurt and a dark
chocolate Nature Valley granola bar.

Besides sharing my meal of the day I really don't feel like posting. Things haven't been going too well and my anxiety is getting worse with each passing day. I'm starting to see the sun less and less and my intake is becoming too low for me to feel energized. I sign up for my classes tomorrow, which I know is going to put my anxiety on a whole new level but this is something I have to do. Work has always taken my mind off of the pressure of counting calories and restricting so I'm hoping maybe this will help in some fucked up way.

I'm sorry I've been so down but the pressures of life are just too much as of late. Being away from everything I know isn't helping. I miss what used to be. Believe it or not I was happy at one point and looking back I realize that it wasn't even for a long period of time that I had happiness but a very short time. Exact time line? Two months. Two months of complete and utter happiness and now here I am, deteriorating away and falling short. All. The. Fucking. Time. When will I get a break?

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